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South Australia Police is the oldest centrally controlled police service in Australia and one of the oldest in the world.

South Australia Police was established by Governor Hindmarsh on 28th April, 1838 as the South Australian Police Force.  Henry Inman was appointed as Commander with the rank of Inspector.  He commenced founding the police force by recruiting twenty young men, ten mounted and ten foot constables, and purchasing necessary horses and equipment.
The south Australian police recruited only volunteers.  This occurred because South Australia was the only free settled province on the continent, unlike other Australian colonies which originally employed soldiers or former convicts as police.
The six Replica Cap Badges are exact replicas but three quarter size.  There was an overlap in years of issue of the badges.

The first cap badge was the officer’s identification number and was worn on the cap from 1854 to 1951.

The second used a ‘Queens Crown’ and number and was issued from 1898 to1911 and then again from 1928 to 1923.

The third cap badge used a Kings’s Crown and number and was issued from 1933 to 1951.

The fourth cap badge consisted of a ‘piping shrike’ (bird), King’s Crown and letters ‘SA POLICE, and issued between1951 to 1998.

The fifth cap badge is similar to the previous badge and consisted of a ‘piping shrike’ (bird), Queen’s Crown and letters ‘SA POLICE, and was issued between 1974 and 1998.

The last and current cap badge is the “piping-shrike” inside a wreath of wattles with a red Queen’s crown and the words South Australia Police in a blue band inside the wreath but around the bird.




he South Australia Police Historical Society have released a “Replica Police Cap Badge collection” for sale for $175.00 and consist of the six badges used by the South Australia Police since its foundation in 1838.


 This Cap badge set has been released to commemorate the 175th Anniversary of the South Australia Police and  is available now and you can purchase a set using the form attached.


Collections can be posted at your cost or collected from Police Barracks.


Find out here how to pay and collect your set.  ... ... ...

Enquries to............


'Police Badge Collection',

SA Police Historical Society,

GPO Box 1539,

ADELAIDE   SA   5001.





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